Seminar on 'English Language Teaching: Recent Trends and practices' at SIU

Published    1 year ago


A seminar on 'English Language Teaching: Recent Trends and practices' was organised by Department of English, Sylhet International University (SIU) on July 31, 2022.

On Saturday morning, registration got completed by 9 a.m. At 10 a.m. the programme was inaugurated by Professor Dr. Md. Shahid Ullah Talukdar , Vice Chancellor, Sylhet International University. The seminar was conducted by Sanjida Akter , Lecturer, Department of English and Mouni Bhattacharjee , Lecturer, Department of English.

Mr. Rajib Ahmed, Chairperson, Sylhet International University, Trust was present as the chief guest of the programme. As special guest, Professor Nitai Chandra Chanda, Treasurer (proposed) of the University, professor Abdul Hamid Selim , Head of Dept. Of English, M.C College and Mr. Mostofa Kamal, Director, American Corner, Sylhet attended the programme. The inaugural session was started with a Welcome Address by Mrs. Swati Rani Debnath, Head, Department of English of the University.

In the seminar, in total 8 papers were presented by renowned resource persons. The list of the papers and presenters are:

i. 'Ethics of Teaching' by Md. Idris Ali, Birpratik.

ii. 'An Evaluation of Formative Assessment in 21st Century English Classroom: Theory to Practice' by Sree Bidhan Chakrabarty

iii. 'Use of Technology in Modern Education System' by Eva Roy.

iv. 'Importance of Building Rapport for an Effective Language Class' by Atia Amatun Nur.

v. 'Stepping Across and Beyond Methods: Some Pedagogical Considerations' by Professor Md. Sikandar Ali

vi. 'Strategies of Interactive English Language Teaching' by Swati Rani Debnath and

vii. 'English Language Teaching and Learning Complexities at the Secondary Level in Rural Areas of Bangladesh' by Dr. Jakaria Habib.

Mrs. Shahida Yasmin, honorable member, Sylhet International University, Trust, joined the certificate giving ceremony. The seminar was followed by a floral reception of newly appointed teachers of English Department namely Mouni Bhattacharjee, Sanjida Akter, Nadia Sultana Daijy and Puspita Roy and at the same time Dr. Md. Jakaria Habib was well received with flowers for his PhD degree.

This seminar was organised by Department of English, Sylhet International University in co-operation with American Corner, Sylhet.